Where Do You Fit In?

The Non- Traditional Students Organization at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith are always looking for new applicants; however, there seems to be a blurred line on what qualifies a student as non-traditional.  According to the NTS webpage a student may qualify as non-traditional if he or she is...


*Returning to college after an interruption in higher education

*Attending college for the first time after graduating from high school more than one year ago

*25 or more years of age

*Attending classes while working 30 or more hours per week


*A parent

*A Veteran

*Anyone who balances college with family, work, and other obligations


Chris Boerjan, the current NTS president, states students should be a part of NTS because, “NTS appreciates the fact there is life outside of school and our goal is to make that transition as seamless as possible.  Ultimately helping students be successful in their college careers while juggling life outside of school.”


If you meet any of the above criteria and would like to be a part of NTS they can be contacted via phone at 479.788.7319, or e-mail studentactivities@uafs.edu.  


Robyn Gutierrez
Date Posted: 
Wednesday, February 19, 2014