“Attacking Lion” to Arrive in April

by Emily Hines

clay model of attacking lion

A bronze sculpture, the “Attacking Lion,” will come to the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith in late April as a powerful representative of our school’s growth and community. The Bell Tower has been a symbol of the University’s history and stability in the past, but now a larger-than-life lion sculpture will stand guard in the garden area of the Stubblefield Center as a symbol of energy and opportunity.

“I think [the Bell Tower] was a sign of growth and achievement for Westark and a group of students and faculty that preceded us. It’s time for the campus to make a new image for itself. Something future students can look at and see school spirit in,” said Michael King, President of Student Senate and member of the Lion Committee.

Photo: Clay Model of "Attacking Lion"
Photo Credit: Jon Hair

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Student Scientists: Saving Lives & Money Through Research

by Alexis Coleman

student scientists

Students may often feel their classwork exists in a box – granted, it’s a box that will look good on a résumé, but it’s still a box that doesn't affect or interact with the outside world. For students of the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith, this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Photo: (from left to right) Chemistry major Megan Kuhl, Biology major Fran Nault, Biology / Chemistry major Deidre Monts, and Chemistry major Todd Austin analyze results from an experiment.
Photo Credit: Alexis Coleman

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Student Senate to Elect Officers

by Rick Eby

Free and fair elections are agents of change and the basis of democracy. The students of the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith will have the opportunity to make democratic change in the upcoming Student Senate election.

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Environmental Sustainability: Harvesting Electricity from the Sun

by Rick Eby

Environmental sustainability raises a variety of issues, including the ecological impact of extracting natural resources, transportation and manufacturing, waste disposal, and energy production and consumption. This article will focus on energy, specifically the production and consumption of electricity.

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