Malaria: The Search for a Cure

by Chris Strange


Malaria is both preventable and curable, yet it kills nearly 800,000 people each year. Nearly 250 million people are afflicted with acute malaria disease yearly, and of the hundreds of thousands of deaths, most are children no more than five years old. A majority of the cases of malaria disease occur in Africa, but the South-East Asian and Eastern Mediterranean regions are also strongly affected by the disease. America, Europe, Russia, and many others are virtually unaffected.

Photo: Red blood cells infected with malaria parasites.
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Facebook Users Jailed

by Kimberly Stevens

Facebook’s global popularity is also having a confining impact. Many stories of governments jailing Facebook users for posts have been surfacing in the recent years.

Photo: Log-on to Facebook.
Photo credit: Melanie Stout

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Safe Deposit

by Star Bucella

LionsCash is a fund of money that is safely kept on your student identification card throughout the school year. Your parents and other generous individuals who would like to put additional money on this picture ID card can do so at any time. All is needed is your one of a kind student ID number and any authorized person may deposit money onto this card by visiting the LionsCash link.

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