A Brief Digression into Global Warming

By Chris Strange

Scientists agree that the average climate in the last 100 years has increased as a direct result of human activity. The natural global warming effect, which allows the population of earth to enjoy temperatures about 60°F warmer than would be seen otherwise, is being augmented by greenhouse gas emissions. There can be no question there, unless one’s political or economic agenda allows one to read conjecture as fact.

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Freshman Spotlights

By Alaina Harrison

With a new school year beginning, we find many incoming freshman getting their first real taste of the “College Lifestyle” instead of watching it being played out on some of their favorite comedies. Coming straight from their hometowns, high schools or home schooling programs, many of these freshmen don’t know what to expect when they are arriving to campus on their first day. We took time to ask a few of these incoming freshman how their college experience has gone for them so far this Fall semester of 2011.

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Did You Know?

By Shirley Jones

Did you know these 25 trivia facts?

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