New High Score

By: Nick McFarland


Online games these days are perhaps to most a recreation. To others it might be a job, or hobby.  Some gamers, however, have pooled their intellect, their intuition, and will into massive efforts.

The game Foldit is a new puzzle game where anyone can contribute scientifically. Players attempt to fold proteins with a lower energy output, and in some cases try to predict the behavior of proteins we know next to nothing about. The gamers were able to figure out the detailed molecular structure of a protein-cutting enzyme (known as retroviral proteases) from an AIDS-like virus found in rhesus monkeys (something that has been baffling scientists for ages).

They did it in ten days.

Image courtesy Microsoft Office

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UAFS to House Solar Energy Laboratory

By: Chris Strange


Dr. Randall Overbey is hard at work on a solar energy laboratory that will bring solar energy experiments and technology to local kids. One main goal of the project is to reach out to kids in poorer areas and create in them an interest in math and science. The other goal is to bring in more young minds to the engineering fields from underrepresented student populations.

Photo credits: Bryan Alexis, Travis Brown, and Colin McLain

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Did You Know?

By Shirley Jones

Did you know these 25 trivia facts?

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The Bible Belt’s Notch
in the Nation

By: Kimberly Stevens


The term Bible Belt refers to the geographical south and midsection
of the United States. Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama are included to name a few. The Bible Belt area is known for a large fundamental Christian population. Some of the states included in the Bible Belt have some of the highest church attendances and are considered the most religious states in the U.S.

Image: Bible Belt area of U.S. is shaded red.

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Wisdom Made in America

By: Shirley Jones

Are you familiar with these words of wisdom?

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Exploring Arkansas “The Natural State”

By: Shirley Jones


It’s easy to see why Arkansas is called “The Natural State.” With an abundance of lakes, rivers, mountains, and timberlands, Arkansas’ breathtaking scenery extends as far as the eye can see. Every season offers an opportunity to showcase its natural beauty making Arkansas an incredible outdoor paradise.

Photo credit: Melanie Stout

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Time for Awareness

By: Alaina Harrison


As you all should know, the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and with this time of reminiscing and awareness, there may come some confusion or lack of information about the seriousness of breast cancer on a person as well as their family. Here’s a few facts about breast cancer that you might not know.

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Crosswalk Safety

By: Josiah Gorham & DeAnne Lee

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