Library Expansion Update

By: Chris Strange

Photo credit: Julie Amber Jones

The entirety of the University is waiting, mostly impatiently, for the construction on Boreham Library to be completed. It looks like we’ll be waiting a bit longer. The expansion project is scheduled to be completed on August 7th of this year. Once that’s done, renovations on the existing portion of the library will begin, continuing into next January. The project is considered by most students to be a nuisance, but the final result may just be worth it.

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Travel the World with UAFS Maymester 2012

By: Lydia Newton

Maymesters are a fun, culture-driven way to earn college credit. All Academic Colleges at offer some sort of Maymester class - many even offer up to three! This year, UAFS is offering seven domestic courses and six international courses. With many locations throughout the United States and other countries, UAFS is offering numerous options that will allow any student to engage in a fun, travel-packed, and educational course.

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Excellence in Teaching: The Montessori Way

By: Carl E. DeBose, Jr.
Guest Contributor

I was invited to sit with the Head of Fort Smith Montessori School Dr. Dustin Dooly. I found her sitting behind a walnut desk sifting through emails before the first car pulls up. The office was very warm and inviting and provides a comforting feeling - unlike a traditional Principal’s office where a student and/or parent could be intimidated.

Dr. Dooly is a very subtle but direct person.  As I sit she says, “Tell me what you know about the Montessori program.”  I begin to tell her how fascinated I am that a woman in 1907 opened the first classroom to cognitively challenged children denied by the everyday school system.

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