2014 Battle of the Bands ... or LameFest?

The 2014 BOTB will be held in the Reynolds Room in the Smith-Pendergraft student center on Tuesday March 11, 2014 from 7:00 - 10:00pm.

Every spring semester the Campus Activity Board attempts to put on a solid Battle of the Bands, but has always come up short. Whether it is a lack of talent in the competition, the judges choosing a cover band to win, or failed jokes by the announcer in between acts the UAFS BOTB has been missing something.

The 2014 Battle of the Bands could be the CAB’s chance at redemption, because this year the lineup is both diverse and exciting. Bands like Cape Fear, Harvester, Holy Smokes, and Angel Flesh play around Fort Smith and the surrounding areas gaining a well deserved fan base, and invaluable live show experience. I can’t say much for the other bands on the bill, but the bands listed are guaranteed to bring an energetic and exciting element that the Reynolds Room has never seen.

So, let’s give CAB a shot at redemption: go out to the BOTB, make new friends, and support local bands. Free food and t-shirts to first 100 and students get in for free with a Student ID.

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Travis Sorensen
Date Posted: 
Tuesday, March 11, 2014