It is about that time again. Finally. There is this bizarre phenomenon that occurs the last two weeks of classes and sticks around for finals. You can step into the library or even the 24-hour lab and notice every student currently enrolled in classes.

All of a sudden these bodies that just walk around campus and text become real, working students. Despite the satire, I say this to stress a point, and that notion is that we, as in a student body, don't ever notice each other.

I’ve seen time and time again that saying hello to a stranger on campus is frowned upon. We are so eager to say bye because we are always in a hurry, for a class, for a meeting, or even lunch date, but we hardly ever take the time, nor chance just to look up from our mini-tablets and say hi to someone we don't know.

We can't. Why not?

Because we are afraid of looking stupid or even borderline creepy, but those are naive ideas. We live in the south. We should be proud of our hospitality. We all have beautiful things in our lives to smile about and there's no reason not to share that with each other. We all live lives and we know the kind of things karma and reality can throw our lives for a curve.

Everybody on this campus has their own struggles and tribulations. Some worse than others. If we are all alone, then we can be together in that. The time it takes to say hello is significantly shorter than watching a Vine.

So, next time you catch yourself diving into your phone or whatever rotten indulgence we put in front ourselves, just look up and welcome the world. If we can all do that, there will always be someone right there to greet you.


Alexander Zacarias
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Alexander Zacarias
Date Posted: 
Thursday, May 1, 2014