First Semester in CLC

The Chancellor’s Leadership Council begins the same for everyone: on a bus with 12 strangers, bound for a nerve-wracking retreat in the Petit Jean Mountains I spent three days answering the questions “What’s your name?” “What’s your major?” and “Where are you from?” more times than I can count (any freshman can relate to that). However, in between the questions, I began getting to know my fellow travelers, and I began to learn about the class I was going to be taking.

Every freshman CLC student goes through the Chancellor’s Leadership Class, taught by Dr. Paul Beran. The class is designed to train us to be leaders by challenging us in innovative ways through short essays, political studies, book discussions, group projects, and so much more. Because of its time consuming nature, the class is a high priority and an intense challenge; but don’t think for a minute I missed out. I met a congressman and talked with a senator; I met deans and composers; and I had my thinking and my opinions challenged in new ways. It truly was an experience that can never be replicated.

While I love the unique skills I learned from the class, and the people I got to meet, my favorite part of this class was the family I gained. Not just within my own class, but from previous classes. From the day I moved into the Lions’ Den, I’ve felt like I belong. I showed up to school with this amazing connection to other CLC members, and having that second family has made it so much easier for UAFS to become my home.


Averie Warren
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Averie Warren
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014