Ruben Silva: The Man of Many Hats

Ruben Silva. Who is Ruben Silva?! Ruben Silva is the Latin fox that swaggers across campus with earphones engaged and a smile at the ready; he’s a hip cat with a heart of gold; he’s a proud family man, a dedicated Channel 5 employee, and an awesome friend; he’s also an amazing musician, entrepreneur, student, and humanitarian. Yeah, Ruben Silva is kind of a saint (if you put your ear to his back, you can hear harps); the kind with a penchant for electronic music and hip-hop and saving lives. You don’t even know. But you’re gonna.    

Let’s begin with Ruben Silva: student. Ruben is an accomplished Media Communication major with high aspirations. Awarded 1st place in the PSA category ‘Human Trafficking’ and 2nd place in the long video category with his documentary ‘Ralph Irwin,’ Ruben certainly took the 2013 National Broadcasting Society Convention in Austin, TX by storm! His commitment to excellence not only reflects beautifully upon our university, it reflects beautifully on his future and the future of creative media. Go, Ruben!!

Next we have Ruben Silva: musician and lover of creative media (especially electronic music and music videos). Ruben’s love for music started at a young age, fostered by a hippie father that explored every musical genre and a music channel that aired every kind of video. Under the influence of his father, Ruben developed a love for classic rock and an eagerness to explore the many genres of music; in fact, it is that eagerness to explore that led him to discover pop, punk rock, and electronic music as a teenager. Around that time, Ruben also discovered Mtv, his first introduction to creative media in the form of music videos; needless to say, he was hooked on creative media (along with big butts, funky monkeys, and raspberry berets, I’m sure). Now, Ruben is creating his own music and producing his own videos under his DJ name, RE5A (pronounced Reza).

Although the aforementioned influences led him to choose Media Communications as a major, the knowledge he has gleaned from college has led Ruben in directions he never imagined. Here we have Ruben Silva: entrepreneur.  As entrepreneur, Ruben is the owner of RS Media (which also houses his production company, RS Video Production, and his record label, G&D Records:; not only does Ruben provide a variety of media services, like video production and DJ services, he signs and manages the artists on his label. Yes, folks, he produces, manages, promotes, and distributes the music of his artists and then networks to sell it. By now you’re probably thinking Ruben is a little superhuman, right?! Like all he’s missing is a cape, right?! Did I mention that he also finds the time to create original music and videos? Oh, yeah. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s Ruben Silva!!

Last but never least – please allow me to introduce you to Ruben Silva: humanitarian. In true humanitarian form, Ruben has a couple of issues he feels passionate about and supports wholeheartedly. The first issue Ruben actively works to remedy is the issue of human trafficking; he is passionate about freeing women and children sold for prostitution and slave labor. In fact, Ruben does benefit concerts for the A21 Campaign ( to raise both money and awareness, plus donates his own funds, to aid in the elimination of human trafficking. When asked how music ties into his philanthropy, Ruben states, “I’m just making music to have a purpose, to get involved with a movement.” Wow. Spoken like a potential saint, right?! The second issue Ruben is passionate about is the state of the Media Communication Program here at UAFS. A proud lion, he roars in hurt over what he perceives as our university’s neglect of the Media Communication Department. Seriously, I’m pretty sure I saw a tear when he began comparing our Media Communication Department to Central Arkansas’ Media Communication Department. He started by declaring that they have a lab, whereas our Media Communication majors don’t even have a space in which to create, much less an actual lab; he then went on to describe Central Arkansas’ equipment (state-of-the-art and plentiful), software (up-to-date and plentiful), and device accessibility (highly accessible and also plentiful). Knowing these aren’t issues that will be fixed before he graduates, Ruben nonetheless campaigns on behalf of the Media Communication majors that will come after him and on behalf of the university he so proudly attends; he was adamant about bringing this issue to light in an interview he could have made all about himself. Just between you and me, I think he leaves feathers in his wake (actually, I know he leaves feathers – I have one saved in my fire safe, shhh).

So, you have now been thoroughly introduced to Ruben Silva. Take a moment and let it all sink in, like that first sip of a dirty marti – I mean, like that first sip of a refreshing glass of ice tea. It feels good, doesn’t it? Knowing such an accomplished individual walks among us is a reminder of the accomplishment and potential that we all embody; we all have the ability to seize life as Ruben has – we just have to do it. What is Ruben’s advice? “Find what you love to do, what you’re passionate about, and make it a goal to pursue that passion.” Thank you, Ruben of all the hats; you are an inspiration and a truly outstanding reflection upon our campus and our Media Communications Department.

Check Ruben out for yourself at! And show him some respect the next time you see him (your soul will thank you, if you know what I’m saying).

Amber Breazzeal
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Amber Breazzeal
Date Posted: 
Saturday, March 15, 2014