Walk Like a Lion

(Associate Professor Keith Fudge, Assistant Professor Kevin Jones, Associate Professor Dennis Siler, and Assistant Professor Erik Carlson cross 51st Street as The Beatles on Abbey Road to remind you to WALK LIKE A LION)

(Photo courtesy of Melanie Stout, UAFS class of 2012, Master of Arts in Teaching, Arkansas Tech University, Dec. 2014.  Brick Walk Like a Lion photos by Kevin Jones)

This walk will lead you to THIS walk. (See bottom photo.)

Be safe on campus.  Watch for pedestrians.  Slow down. 

The Department of English, Rhetoric, and Writing within the College of Languages and Communication at UAFS wishes to remind everyone to WALK LIKE A LION and be safe as you cross and drive as we all prepare for finals, commencement, and the future. 

Heads up!  Don’t cross with headphones or texting.

Since 2003, one student has been killed and at least four students have been injured crossing streets on or near our campus.  Although the UAFS Master Plan suggests that Kinkead Avenue will become a pedestrian only street in the near future to minimize the accidents, all must be more careful.  Please utilize the underpass, don’t jaywalk, cross medians, or at unmarked crossings.  Please cross at designated crosswalks, and if you are driving:  stop at crosswalks, slow down, and think:  is it worth it?

In remembrance:

On Oct. 13, 2003, Stephanie M. Alexander, 24, of Alma, a Paralegal student at UAFS was struck by a speeding car on Waldron Road as she was in a protected crosswalk. 

We wish to remind all on or near our campus to watch out for pedestrians and for all drivers around our campus to slow down.  All drivers must also STOP at protected crosswalks.  All pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists must watch for vehicles and proceed with caution.  All must share the roads and be mindful of one another to maintain a safe environment at all times. 

We have many walks of life:  we walk to class, we walk to our cars, we walk during our lunch breaks, we walk after a meal from the Lion’s Den, we walk to the library, we walk to a sporting event, we walk to a concert, play, or a lecture, or we walk with friends to study for finals, and we walk with our families and friends as we celebrate achievements.  As we prepare for one of the most important walks of your lives, (YOUR walk in commencement), please take time to remember those who have died or who have been injured as you share the roads on or around our campus.   

Stephanie M. Alexander (July 30, 1979 – Oct. 13, 2003) was a 1997 graduate of Greenwood High School, a 2002 graduate of Arkansas Tech University with a bachelor's of arts degree, worked four summers for Inland Container and was the recipient of the Inland Container International Scholarship Award and had the opportunity to spend a summer in Italy. She was a law student at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith, a member of Beta Club and National Honor Society, and the office manager for Valuelinx Co. 

We send heartfelt condolences to her friends and family members from the administration, faculty, students, and staff of the University of Arkansas Fort Smith.  We highlight her life to remember her gifts and we hope that sharing her story will also remind others of the importance of pedestrian safety and pedestrian rights as we all make the journey.

The UAFS MASTER PLAN reminds us all that we are to “Make campus users feel safe and welcome by designing facilities to strengthen passive and active security.”

In addition to Stephanie Alexander, other students have been struck by cars on or near our campus:

University of Arkansas Television (UTV), a student-ran television network at the UA Fayetteville campus reported on September 20, 2012 that one of OUR students was struck TWICE while on her bicycle: 

“A student at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith was hit by two cars this morning while going to class. Freshman Stephanie Kissack says a driver in a SUV hit her from behind. Police say the driver of the SUV clipped Kissack with their mirror knocking her over. A second vehicle was unable to stop in time and also struck her. The driver of the first vehicle says they couldn’t see the bike because the sun was in their eyes.The driver was cited for following too closely. The second driver was not cited.”  (uatvonline.net)

According to a September 20, 2012 KFSM 5News Online article,

“Kissack says she was hit by another woman behind the SUV, who the bicyclist said was unable to stop in time.  That woman stopped and called 911. The UAFS student says she understands what caused the accident, but says drivers need to be more aware of cyclists. “I mean, there is not much you can do with the sun in your eyes.  But, it’s supposed to be a bike route.  People should be aware that there is going to be someone biking down here even if it’s not the usual case,” said Kissack.

Kissack says she hasn’t been taking the route long, but says she has been concerned with drivers following her bicycle too closely on the road.

Fort Smith Police say the driver of the grey SUV clipped the bicyclist with their mirror knocking them over.

The SUV driver received a citation for following too closely.  The woman in the other vehicle was not cited however.

The route is on a posted bike trail.”

(KFSM 5News Online)

From Oct. 2010:  FROM UAFS Student Activities Office, CAMPUS LIFE, Tuesday, October 12, is Crosswalk Awareness Day? At each crosswalk around the UA Fort Smith campus, student leaders will help ensure that all pedestrians are using the crosswalks. On our campus, like any other, this is an important safety issue. Traffic injuries are a real danger, and our goal is to prevent as many as possible. Crosswalk Safety Day is sponsored by Greek Life and the University Police.

Stay safe!

(Photo courtesy of Melanie Stout, UAFS class of 2012, Master of Arts in Teaching, Arkansas Tech University, Dec. 2014.  Brick Walk Like a Lion photos by Kevin Jones), Lions' Chronicle Staff (2004)


Kevin L. Jones, Ph.D.
Photo Credits: 
Melanie Stout, UAFS class of 2012, Master of Arts in Teaching, Arkansas Tech University, Dec. 2014. Brick Walk Like a Lion photos by Kevin Jones), Lions' Chronicle Staff (2004)
Date Posted: 
Sunday, March 30, 2014