Where is the Pride?

Letter to the Editor

Dear Students,


I have been a student here at UAFS for three years now and one of the few things I have enjoyed on campus was Numa’s Pride. When the student section started last year, I got pumped up. One of the experiences I have always wanted to be a part of was a college student section. As a person who grew up watching college basketball as a hobby, I always adored the rowdy students who were constantly shouting, holding up witty signs, and finding any way to intimidate the visiting team to lose the game. Those students can actually make or break a basketball when they are loud enough. Just look at Allen Fieldhouse at the University of Kansas. The students and fans are so loud in there, it measures the sound waves of a jet engine. The referees and players can’t even hear themselves think. It’s one of the main reasons KU rarely loses at home.


Here at UAFS, we have an amazing basketball team. They are 15-4 overall this season and hold a second place tie with St. Marys and trail Texas A&M International by 2 games for first place. UAFS plays both of these teams this week, but there has been no sign of Numa’s Pride since volleyball season last semester. Where did everyone go?



At the beginning of last semester there were flocks of students ready to go cheer on the Lady Lions Volleyball team. They all had signs and megaphones, and a few of them even had their bodies painted to help cheer their Lady Lions to victory. I went to that first game and helped cheer the Lady Lions to a sweep that night. After that game, I became very ill for most of the semester and was finally well enough to return to the Heartland Conference Championship Game. When I arrived, I was mortified. There were only three people cheering at the student section. I did not understand this at all. How could a whole student section give up on cheering for a championship caliber team. It’s outrageous!



With basketball season starting, I hoped to see more students show up. There was nobody. Not a single shred of Numa’s Pride showed up. Only a handful of students showed up to watch the then-nationally ranked men’s team.



I would like to call out each and every student here, including the former leaders of Numa’s Pride to resurrect Numa’s Pride. The UAFS Athletic Department, and all of the basketball coaches have been wondering what happen to the Pride. They and myself would love to see a large group of rowdy student section cheering the Lions basketball team to victory. Forget whatever plans you have on Thursday and Saturday. All of you need to be cheering for the Lions basketball team. All of the players love the students support and a loud and rowdy crowd is motivational to ensure that the fans get the well deserved win. I hope to see a large crowd of students on Thursday and Saturday.



A lonely fan and former member of Numa’s Pride


Date Posted: 
Wednesday, February 5, 2014