Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We’re Going


Adam Green began his higher education at Westark junior college in 1993, but he was no stranger to the campus. In an interview, Adam recalls spending his after school hours as a boy playing on the campus waiting for his Grandfather, Logan Green, to finish teaching his classes. Logan Green was the Choir Director at Westark for 26 years from 1963 to 1989. All four of Mr. Green’s children attended the college at Fort Smith for a time, along with several of his grandchildren. Mr. Green spent most of his time in the Breedlove building, and after asking him about the campus Adam first stated, “Breedlove, has a special place in my heart [...] I grew up in that building you might say.” He remembered a time when he was in elementary school spending his afternoons playing outside the Breedlove building waiting for his grandfather. He and his brother would climb the pine trees outside the breedlove building - where our clock tower stands today - and watch the baseball team practice, chasing the balls they hit out of the park. This made his opportunity to be in the choir his freshman and senior years very special.

Since Green’s graduation in 1997, the campus has changed and doubled in size. While looking at a current map of the campus Adam did not recognize the Baldor Technology Center, the Stubblefield Center, the Lion’s Den, or Sebastian Commons. Where the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center is now, was Adam’s preferred parking lot. The student union at the time is what we know as the Fullerton Administration building. Adam once sang the national anthem at one of the college’s basketball games, in what is now our Fitness Center. He also recalled getting in trouble more than once in Boreham Library. His Boreham Library, however, was only half the size that it is now. Adam told me that Westark was most definitely a commuter’s college, and lacked a community atmosphere. It was a two year school, so Adam spent his junior and senior years taking classes through Arkansas State in their satellite campus, which was in what we call the Math-Science building.

Today so much has changed. The campus has grown, doubled in size, and the addition of the Lion’s Den and Sebastian Commons, we now have the community atmosphere that the campus once lacked. And we are not finished growing. The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith has big plans for the future. The school’s plans for new buildings, open spaces, and parking are all outlined in the Master Plan. The school has changed so much since Adam’s time as a student and even more since Logan Green’s time as Choir Director, and we plan to continue growing for years to come.



Julia Heffington
Date Posted: 
Tuesday, February 11, 2014