SGA Passes Resolution to Make Commons Parking Lot Two Lanes

The Student Government Association (SGA) passed a resolution today that will have a major impact on those living in the Sebastian Commons apartments on campus. Resolution 14-09 will change the current parking lot, which is only one lane, to two lanes. This will allow traffic from both directions to navigate the many lanes that the commons holds. SGA Junior Representative Brad Carney proposed the resolution and explained why he wanted the change. “Navigating the Commons is really difficult.” he said. “With only one way to navigate the parking lot, students, including myself, have to go all the way around the parking lot to get to their apartment, and if there isn’t a parking space, we cannot simply turn around and find another one. 

We have to exit the Commons and drive all the way around again just to find a spot. It’s a waste of gas.” Carney was not the only student who expressed his nuisance with the current parking lot. Junior Juan Zermeno expressed his excitement for the change. “It’s going to be faster to exit the Sebastian Commons because we won’t have to go through all of the speed bumps.” he said. “It will be a lot easier to find a parking place too.” Sophomore Isai Carranza also expressed his excitement for the resolution’s passing. “I think it’s more convenient.” he said. “It’s going to to make parking a whole lot easier, but they will need to add more stop signs to ensure the student’s safety.”

Before the the Commons can officially become two lanes, Representative Carney must show the resolution to housing director Bree Gates so they can set up a meeting with the University Police Department (UPD). “UPD has to measure the roads to see if they meet the legal requirements. If the measurements add up to the legal requirements for the road to be two lanes, then we can start taking the necessary steps to make the transition.” As for a set date for when the Commons will change, Carney does not have a specific one in mind. “We don’t have an official timetable yet.” he said. “I would like to have it done in time for next fall.” That would give the housing department time to get the measurements and figure out how to help the students and staff adjust to the upcoming change.”

In addition to making the Sebastian Commons two lanes, Resolution 14-09 also gives a recommendation on what needs to be done to change the lanes. The resolution asks for arrows to be painted in both directions and for the “One-Way” signs to be removed from the “Stop” signs in the parking lot. “I want to help the housing office make this transition as easy as possible.”



Brad Carney
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Brad Carney
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014