Harry’s Sport in the Fort

Students at UAFS can hardly contain their excitement for quidditch. This weekend at UAFS’s soccer field, the second annual Shire Fantasy Tournament will be hosted. This event is family oriented and open to the public, as well as being a great chance to catch a glimpse of a sport that is quickly gaining unexpected steam across America. But for those unknowledgable of this sport like myself, research was done just to find out what’s got college students on brooms across America.


For a sport that many (including myself) thought only existed in the mythical world of Harry Potter, quidditch is a sport that is quickly becoming popular across several universities in America--including UAFS. If you’re like me, you’re probably asking yourself several questions: isn’t that the quidditch we saw in Harry Potter, what consisted of flying broomsticks and this winged ball called a ‘snitch’? Even if a sport created by the movies like “Basketball” were to be re-enacted by the viewers, how is one like quidditch even possible to play considering that real life broomsticks don’t fly? Duly serving their purpose as a sanctuary for young adults to experience and learn new things, Universities like ours did not disappoint. Not only do we have a quidditch team, but the participating students take the program very seriously. To figure out how this fairy-tale like sport is played in the real world, I asked a classmate who was on the team to tell me about it. Wishing to remain anonymous, this student claimed that quidditch was “like a mixture of football, tennis and soccer. Thus, it is a sport that colleges take very seriously. In fact, not only is this sport extremely competitive, it can also get violent.” To form your own opinion on this new sports phenomenon springing up on campuses all over America, see the game for yourself this Saturday evening at the field.

Nicholas Moen
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016