Yes, Green Day is Still Around

One of my coworkers, Taylor, and I found out about the band coming to Tulsa at the end of last year and managed to get into a presale to get tickets, thus sending us on a high for the next few days as we couldn’t believe we were getting to see one of our favourite bands.


When March 7th finally came, I could barely contain my excitement to make it through class as all I wanted was to be in Tulsa and it be 8pm that night. So, imagine what I was like when the time rolled around that night. Thankfully I was not the only one that was excited out of my mind that night.


Against Me! was the opening act that night, which was my first experience in any capacity with them.  I now have a few of their songs added to different Spotify playlists.


Then it was time for Green Day to finally, finally come on stage.  The band kicked of their set list with “Know Your Enemy,” which led to pretty much everyone in the arena singing, jumping around, and screaming their heads off because Green Day generates such an energy.


That night they played a total of twenty-eight songs (including two encores), six of which came from ‘Revolution Radio,’ while the others were from their previous albums and the most popular. There was one man in front of Taylor and I who turned around to ask us if we were even born yet when the band began playing one hit from 1991, which we were not, and he joked how he had been a Green Day fan longer than we had been alive. My response to him was that at least we were lucky and learned what good music was.


If he wasn’t singing then front man, Billie Joe Armstrong, was talking to the crowd, trying to get everyone on their feet, and really allow us to be the experience.  We weren’t just watching it happen, we were a part of what was happening.  By the end the night my voice was gone, and could barely speak the next day at class and work.


Included in making the crowd part of the experience, Armstrong had three different people from the crowd join him on stage.  Two of them were to help sing the songs currently playing, who then stage dived and surfed the crowd.  The third was one who got to play a guitar for part of a song, and Armstrong let her keep the guitar when the song ended.


Green Day is still around, they’re still relevant today as they are a punk rock band which means they reject the mainstream.  Armstrong wanted for one night to allow everyone to come together to have a good time, for one night for there to be no difference between anyone.

That night was the most exciting night I’ve had in a long time and I won’t forget it for years to come.

Cole StufflebeamLayn Pigeon
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Cole Stufflebeam
Date Posted: 
Friday, March 31, 2017