Missing Fort Smith mixer goes viral

In the midst of new year's resolutions to start working out or to eat healthier, Heather Kohler had one simple wish for 2017: she wanted to find her Kitchen Aid mixer that went missing in July.


Heather expressed her loss on Facebook stating that the bowl and attachments are all that is left of her mixer that went missing. Her Facebook friends shared their support in the comments section, and even offered help if there was a reward.


After the facebook post was created, the mixer showed up, but not in a place one would think to look. Evan Kohler, Heather’s daughter, excitedly tweeted that whoever was in possession of the mixer created an Instagram account specifically for the mixer.


The instagram account name was “kohlers.kitchen.mixer”, and it presented the mixer all over Fort Smith in recognizable locations. Evan’s tweet gathered attention with over 15,000 retweets and 35,000 likes.


Whoever had the mixer was still a mystery, but photos continued to appear in various locations. The descriptions under the photo, from the point of view of the mixer, expressed that the mixer was enjoying its freedom and had no intentions on returning to its pantry in the Kohler household.


Speaking in baking related puns like “Back and batter than ever” and “Love the view, just gotta bake it in sometimes” the mixer taunted the Kohler family. The mixer tags the family in every photo and they are the only people the account follows.


In the comments section the Kohler family attempt to convince the kitchen appliance to return home. They coax the mixer with promises of using it to bake a cake, but to no avail.


The account has gathered a following of over 4000 followers, and continues to grow. The mixer started in Fort Smith, Arkansas and was most recently in Mississippi.


There are many speculations on who is in possession of the mixer. Some theories created by the fans following the trials and tribulations of the appliance suggest the possibility of the grandmother of the Kohler family. One particular tweet stated that she was acting “suspicious” In the original facebook post.


The operator of the account does intend on eventually revealing their identity and returning the mixer, but would like to continue having fun with it. Until then, the mixer is posing for the camera around Fort Smith and hopes to travel to bigger destinations.


As the fanbase grows so does the mystery of whoever is hauling this mixer around for photos, and where the mixer will show up next. The Kohler family continues to hold out hope for the return of their mixer, but for now it is living its life to the fullest.


Link to instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/p/BPY_0T4AXSU/


Ty Thompson
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017