Quidditch @ the Library

From February 6th through the 10th the Fort Smith Public Libraries celebrated Harry Potter week by holding different Hogwarts lessons at all the branches, and hosting two meet and greets with our very own UAFS Quidditch Team.

The first meet and greet was held on the 8th at the Main Library in the Youth Services department while kids and teens did a sorting hat craft, where they were sorted and created neckties in their house colours.  The second meet and greet was held on the 9th at the Windsor Branch library during a Transfiguration class, where they “transfigured” clay into animals.  The meet and greets included Quidditch team members Captain Andi Duhon, along with Rhyan O’Shane and Jessie Ashcraft.20170209_155452.jpg

During the lessons, the kids and teens that came were able to ask different questions answered by the team members.

“What is Quidditch?”

“Quidditch is the main sport of the Wizarding World in the Harry Potter series, but it has been adapted here in the muggle world so that we can play as well.  It has become a crossover of sports such as rugby, football, soccer, and basketball.  Our team specifically uses a rod/pole for a broomstick, and a volleyball for a Quaffle to score points with by throwing it through one of three hoops. Deflated dodgeballs are Bludgers to “knock” opposing players off their brooms, and then a person with a tennis ball attached to their back plays the Snitch.  If you catch the Snitch then you get 150 points for your team and end the game.”

“What are the positions?”

“Since our team is a smaller team, then we play utility, which means we play all positions.  There are 3 Chasers who use the Quaffle to score points and a Keeper to try and stop the other team from scoring.  Then there are 2 Beaters who through the Bludgers to “knock” players off their brooms.  If a player is knocked off their broom, then they have to run to their goal posts before being able to rejoin the game.  Then there is a Seeker to try to catch the person playing the Snitch, to gain 150 points for their team and end the game.  The Snitch though can pull a player’s broom and throw it, thus causing them to be unable to catch them or score points until they get back on their broom.”

The players also got asked where they have traveled for different games.  For our Quidditch team, they have traveled to New Orleans, Indiana, Illinois, and will soon be joining a tournament in Tennessee in March. Captain Andi also explained that the U.S. Quidditch team that has traveled overseas for games.20170209_155459.jpg

After the mini Q&A session the team members joined in on being sorted and transfiguring their on clay, while also letting those who came to try their own hand at scoring the Quaffle through the goal post.


The UAFS Quidditch team has also stated that their Party at the Shire event is coming up on April 29th here at the university. Any questions can be asked through the event page, Part at the Shire 3: The Final Countdown, or through the teams Quidditch page, UAFS Quidditch (@UAFSQuidditch).

Addie Reith
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Addie Reith
Date Posted: 
Friday, March 31, 2017