Thirteenth Annual UAFS Battle of the Bands competition brings home cans to local food bank

On Tuesday, March 2nd the Campus Activities Board hosted their thirteenth annual Battle of the Bands competition in Breedlove auditorium and used the event to help the Fort Smith community.

The competition featured four artists from around the Fort Smith area who performed a variety of musical genres for the judges. IMG_4696.PNG

The evening began with introductions to the host for the evening, David Paige, who is a renowned musician and has been featured on the T.V. show “Making a Band Famous” as well as headlining at the House of Blues in Chicago. David did a wonderful job of entertaining the crowd and revealed the “Across the Universe” theme to the crowd with his own rendition of a variety of Beatles hits.

Ryan Chisolm, a Senior here at UAFS, opened the night’s performances. Ryan described his musical taste to the audience as being highly Jazz influenced and it could be seen in his acoustic performance of Jimmy Hendrix’s “Bold is Love” as well as his cover of Johnny Cash’s “Fulsome Prison Blues.”

Following Ryan’s performance, another UAFS student, a young man going by the name of “Back to Earth” took the stage. His performance was filled with his own original music produced entirely on his own using just his guitar and a loop pedal to create the varying sounds needed for his performance.

The third perfIMG_4704.PNGormance of the night was a DJ going by the name of Metanite. The young performer intrigued the audience with his musical flair because his band came with no instruments, but rather a machine that he used to dub music into a musical style that can only be described as the sound of Metanite.

The night’s performances ended with returners from last year’s competition, Vague Vendetta. Last year, the band was mourning the loss of a bandmate Matt who passed away due to a work-related accident. This year’s competition happened to fall on the one year anniversary of his passing and the band played in honor of their late bandmate.

The winner of the night’s competition was Vague Vendetta who took home the title of crowd favorite as well as the first-place prize. The win came as a massive moment for the band and their win was honored with a moment of silence for their fallen bandmate.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) used the event as a chance to host a canned food drive to benefit the River Valley Food Bank. They ended the night with the announcement that they managed to raise 55 cans over the course of the event, a number far exceeding their expectations for the night. The night was a total success and Battle of the Bands is one event that has understandably earned its spot on CAB’s annual calendar.

Addie Reith
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Addie Reith
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Friday, March 31, 2017