Cub camp reaches 13th year

Cub Camp's mission is to provide a high energy, fun, and educational experience for incoming freshmen that promotes positive relationships and UAFS pride. Designed to ease freshmen into college by engaging them, as opposed to waiting for them to engage college, Cub Camp truly is a Lion’s first tradition. Established in 2004 by Jill McCormick, Cub Camp has evolved and adapted many times throughout the years. Originally campers were shuttled off campus where they would learn about campus traditions, amenities, and get to know each other. At that time Cub Camp took 56 freshmen. It has since peaked at approximately 325 campers in 2015.

Cub Camp is an immersion experience for freshmen. It’s an opportunity for the student to skip testing the water and jump right in. This type of immersion wouldn't be possible without the eighty plus upperclassmen counselors and staff who work all summer to make it possible. From the moment a freshmen checks in, finds out their camp color, and takes their first steps into the Breedlove auditorium the counselors’ energy is almost tangible.


Between cheering, leading chants, and dancing, the auditorium is abuzz with school pride. From there the campers are split into six individual camps, and then placed into a Den Group. This time is designed to gradually break the camper out of their shell through ice breakers and counselor guided discussions. Throughout the three day experience campers are then given the opportunity to learn, not only from upperclassmen, but from key faculty and staff as well. Chancellor Beran gives a warm welcome, highlighting how important their time at the University will be. They are also introduced to the SAO, Greek Life, and other campus amenities. Each night ends with an extra special event. The first night usually holds some variation of an outdoor cookout/game night. The second night Keith Karkut delivers his always memorable Hypnotic Intoxication performance. The last night closes with a mixer and the highly anticipated camp dance showcase.


This is a camper’s first time on campus as a Lion, more specifically a Cub, and every moment is a memory. Pictures are posted, campus is explored, and friends are made. It's an experience unlike any other for both the campers and staff. If you or someone you know is interested in being a Cub Camp counselor applications are available until January 27th in the SAO. If you have any questions please contact Josh Simonds at

Joshua Simonds
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017